Midnight and the week

Once upon a time, I had promised a post on "midnight". After the very old post on twilight fascination of mine, here I go with the making of 'midnight love'. OK do not think otherwise as in the other way round. I mean love for the 'midnight'. OK to be more specific 'in love with the idea of 'midnight' as a natural phenomena'. Yes, this sounds geeky enough.

So, I have often told everyone that people here in cities do not sleep on the terraces. I mean well off people, otherwise in Badarpur and other economically weaker section, they have no option but to enjoy the naturally air conditioned surroundings and wrap themselves around the starry blanket of sky.

After the use of flowery language, I want to seriously convey that I love the skies. Especially the clear, starry skies in small towns or villages. Here, I specifically mean Rajasthan as that is where I hail from. And that is the place which made me fall in love with the midnight skies. You can see numerous shooting stars and ask for all the wishes you want. Karan Johar can 'shoot stars' as many as he wants to.

In cities I love midnight for its silence. The city does sleep for a bit. During Exams time, I used to love the barren roads, the sleeping vehicles, the streetlights, the faint breeze, the moon almost gobbled up by two fat clouds. Also, the trees they sway and make noises. You can hear them talk, at times I do get scared of the night. But, I still like staring the sky for no reason and listen to music that is very very light. Not, very foot tapping numbers.

At times i get this very weird thought of painting in the middle of the night. It has happened to me more than once. I just have to paint no matter what. I am no artist or something but I love colours. So, I fiddle with them a bit. Another thought is that of writing. I write in the dead of the night and then my words bleed the pain inside my heart on paper. AAH there is something wrong with me. perhaps it is Pre-Midnight Madness. (PMM)

The most obvious form of midnight business is 'sleeping' . Aaha That is the best part of the day. Wow you just lie down.. silence...drifting away in dreams... I love sipping coffee in a winter midnight or even lemon tea is a great option. Lying cozy in my quilt, buried under the pillow and someone gets you a mug full of warmth. I wish..

I have always had this very crazy wish of spending one midnight roaming about on streets. I haven't actually done that but have surely gone close to doing that. Taking a walk on barren roads with street lights on and no person in sight. But music and a nice breeze add to the 'feeling'. Walking down the street the air just comes in your face whenever a car or a bus, the very few you can see at that hour, go past you. I love the gush of air that just shakes me, stirs me up.

Midnights are calm and that is when all restlessness should end. I think that is the time when the entire day comes to your head and rests there. If you have had a bad day midnight is not a good time of the day at all. Then things and bad day's bad experiences just come back to you.

I hate Dogs crying at that hour and Dogs love doing it then. I have had real time issues with street dogs crying or barking at night and then myself shouting back at them from my balcony. One of my brother's friend did it one day. He barked back and the watch man just made sure that the real dog never shouts again. He requested bhaiya to control his pet. It was quite an experience.

Now about the week that was...

Aah, It's been a week since I last said, I will come up with an 'impersonal' post. Forget it, this is my blog and my rules should be followed. So, How was the week? Mine. Good-great-nice. Yeah, office retained its peace. No accidents this week. But, the fact that the interns will leave the office and have already started leaving sounds not-so-good. I will miss all of them.

Especially now when I have got to know them so well...Dennis, Jill, Hanna.... Will miss them all terribly. For Sudipto, Vipul, Vipin and Jaya.. they are like 'my bunch' + 'My kiddy fun frolick bunch' (Here I go on my 'I me myself' journey)

Ok last thin on self obsession here. Yulia left this week :( Another intern from Abroad. I wasn't there for her farewell as well. Sadly. But, I liked that girl. And both of us regret not knowing each other too well. She left a letter for us and wrote nice things about all of us. Here is what she wrote for me before leaving-

"And sure Ridhi – colorful and many-sided personality. Like to read her blog filled up with interesting thoughts and verses that made a strong impression on me. It is great to see how she combines childishness and joyousness with ability to sense the human nature so deeply and to write, write, write. Regret that we haven’t spent more time together, but anyway it’s another reason to meet again somewhere around the World. (P. S. One of the roses is still here with me in Dehradun, making me smile and rising up the mood with a reminding of you.) Can not do anything – she is so sweet "

Aah yeah yeah ego booster. Come'on see how cool I am :) I can't help being so sweet. Ok OK I will shut up. Thanks Yuli and if you are seriously reading this thank you so much again and again.

Guys as promised last time I still haven't got the time to finish reading Artemis fowl. I think it is jinxed now. About creativity, I wrote a verse on my way to office. A verse in Hindi after a long time. Will post some other day. It is a bit philosophical in nature. About Delhi and its people. Like what else can I write by staring at people in metro.

See ya tomorrow. off for the night