There are some things about twilight that I like. No, I dislike. Ok I like and dislike.

Things I like to do when its twilight

1) Write. Read a book. No a short story instead.

2) Listen to music- Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Lucky Ali- in the same order.

3) Go out for a walk. I wish I stayed near the sea. Play with kids in the park and catch butterflies. Also, I remember a very excited little kid running alone in the park. On being asked she laughed and replied, "buddhu, mein macchar ke peechey bhaag rehi hun. Hum khel rahey hein. Bhaago". (Idiot, I am running after the mosquitoes. We are playing. Run) I joined in ofcourse :)

4) Sit quietly staring the vast orange/ red/ fading blue/ sky/ clouds. If there are kites even better. I am so random, I like to play, go for a walk and at the same time sit quietly. So, movement and static can be together in my thoughts at least. Ignore, read all the points as independent entity. Coherence is sin for me and my thoughts. Guess, it's with everybody. Isn't it?

5) Having Maggie with a cup of coffee, sitting at the jhula (swing) at my place. Watering my plants.

Things I hate

1) To Sleep

2) To do things I am ‘told’ to do. Even if it is one of the aforementioned likeable things. The moment it becomes a part of an order I hate to admit to it. Twilight gives me that sense of a breaking away from the usual, a rupture from the 'ordered' things. It is by very nature a phenomena out of order- neither day nor night.

3) To stay indoors. Though these days I do this often because, I am too lazy and also because I have exams.

4) To see people fighting/shouting. Though, I do not appreciate it at any hour of the day. But, in Delhi it’s a usual sight we do not need a reason to start an argument and then you have a crowd saying, “ohh beta ladaai. Bhaaaaisaaab”.

5) The time when the darkness starts to take over and the twilight fades into night. I love a starry midnight as well. Perhaps, another post for midnight.

I have an exam tomorrow. So, guess I will stick to the sudden sputters of my demented self. I leave thee with what Wordsworth calls, spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions. Kites here as well, generated the same emotions so captured in the same expression.


Silky brown tresses
Flowing on her face
Moist black eyes
Gazing the azure skies
Myriad coloured kites
Swam in the air
Soaring hopes
A fleeting spark
Of the dying sun

Ohh by the way, what are your thoughts about twilight?