Why a Super Mom Needs Speed? #4G

In 2010, I joined the world of 'online media' and since then there has been no looking back. This world is driven by seconds and nano seconds. The average attention span of an online user is way too less and if your server takes up that time in uploading a website, then it is way to risky as a brand.

The entire online world is driven by one main parameter "speed." Remember the "fastest finger first" option from KBC? Perhaps the players in the digital media field are the most aware of this option. If you have to win hearts of audience, run a campaign or start a contest, speed is the key.

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Patience is no longer a virtue, it is a hurdle in the way of progress. Slow and steady no longer wins the race in a world that changes every second. I remember seeing advertisement for 3G and thinking okay life has changed. But, there were times when it was not enough. Client presentations, e-mails everything could now be managed on the tap of my fingers. But speed was still posing a threat to my success.

I have always been in a hurry, to an extent that, as a kid I used to leave things in between and jump to another. Today, being a parent has changed me a bit, but the "hurry" department has gone worse. MY race against time is ON. Things now need to be done even more speedily and of course with different priorities at times.

Being a mum I am often multitasking. The meaning of 'Laptop' has officially changed to a baby on the lap while the world moves on. My husband often refers to me as a "Momtrepreneur", my workstation now is nothing but my phone. Right from using google for "Home solutions for infant cold" or "Quick recipes for breakfast" to using the social media apps for posting page update (as part of my job profile).
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My "phone" is my friend, philosopher, guide, adviser, boss and the only way to connect all dots of my life. So, how does internet speed affect my life? Here is how I spend my day, if I divide them into large headers :

a) Google Baby Stuff:
Being a new mom, I have a lot of questions and bothering my mother over every little thing is not actually right. So, I depend on "Google" for my daily dose of baby gyan. Everything from cold remedies to baby rhymes. It gives me updates on everyday and every week growth of my little one. So, speed solves a lot of issues. I can do the same stuff way more quickly then usual.

b) Digital Media Marketing:
This is the most important part of the day and one that leaves me with a lot of time management. No matter how well I plan, somehow something stays wrong. The internet speed is the culprit most of the time. I have to finish everything during my baby "nap time." Mostly, the server drops during these hours and there goes my night's sleep. I spend hours "refreshing" an old design or even "uploading"
my presentation on slideshare. Thanks to Airtel 4G life will be simpler and "faster"

c) Leisure:
This is something I wish I had more time for. I would want to checkout all the ongoing sales for "shopping".  Download new games unto my iPad and of course check out new movies. I often spend a lot of time on Youtube and the videos take a lot of time to "buffer" if the internet is slow. A faster internet is a "blessing" for Youtube lovers like me. No more wait for "buffering".

Infographic: My daily dose of World Wide Web

I am glad that Airtel 4G has come to my rescue and now I can take sometime out for my own space and myself. I am so looking forward to the new life ahead. 

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