I am done waiting, you see

I am done waiting, you see : RS.

I was young and naive
When you showed me the world
When things went rough
You taught me to hold.

I took what you said
And followed where you lead
The times though, have changed
You are gone, I have stayed

The shield of promises were
Nothing but in vain
Who knew, life is what?
We lived, as it came

Now, when I think what you said
Was it all to save, save me
from the pain?

Now, that you are gone
Do I wait for your return?
I am done waiting, you see

I tried to learn new ways of living
To ignore what they said
When I talk, when I walk
When I do, what I do

You always said,
The world is good for you are good
Were you wrong or things have changed
You still think I should wait?

I am done waiting, you see
There has to be a way out
Should I always cry or shout?
To make some heads turn?
For what I really yearn?

I am done waiting, you see
For things to change
For someone to come and
Voice out my rage

These words don’t suffice
Half of what I feel
But, atleast they give me freedom

To be, what I want to be
To see, what I want to see
To say, what I want to say
To live the way I wish 
Just like it should have been

I am done waiting, you see
It is time to take charge.

Ps: Amateurish rant on current state of things!