Reliance Digital Experience: Up, Close & Personal

Before, I entered the store (Reliance Digital Ghatkopar Rcity Mall), I saw a few of the bloggers taking notes to a man in cream shirt. The shot below is the first shot of the Reliance Digital experience.  A shot that explains a lot, the man pointing in a direction, red and blue being the prominent colours of life and a lot of movement behind the big glass screen.

As I joined my friends, I felt nervous. My nerves tensed up a little as the word "digital" often remains with the 'men' domain and getting the right hang of it is not credited to us. But, then I have visited the store every now and then.


As I drew closer, I overheard Arul  "Our stores are all about life. They are not about machines lying and smiling like mannequins. They need to have life in order to communicate."  And I knew, this was going to be a game changer. The experience beyond this point was "real" not "digital or virtual"

Bloggers and Arul Jaykumar, Ghatkopar Rcity Mall

The Ganesha movie ON and you can see me on the left screen
Happiness, I think "Knowldege" should also be added to the mission

I was welcomed by a man with folded hands and I realised its not just me, he is there to receive everyone with a namaste and a smile.

The standees outside the store stated "Happiness" as the mission of the store. Perhaps more and more stores need to make it as the motto and state it.

The store was not really crowded but had people from all sorts of background. It was a Saturday afternoon so, the crowd had just started coming in. 

I also liked the way, they listed everything on boards and mentioned it in real clarity. The store timings, the product listing and the various categories in their store. 

The Gentleman

Arul in full flow

The amibence, red blue were the predominant colours

The usherer, your support system
Arul, introduced us to Rakesh who was one of the many usherers in the stores. They are your help, support system just in case you miss the super informative boards and walls in the store. They help you to find what you are looking for. They help you navigate a particular sectiona nd put you in touch with seniors for further assistance. 

The windows 8 ensemble and the way things work on it

Another great use of space. I loved this part of putting things on walls and boards

Every nook and the corner of the store was full of information to help and guide the customer. 3 reasons to visit us, ask for special price, look and feel was like a website that tells you everything about all the products. The usherers or the Sales guys were not like on the counter men nagging you to buy all phones. They enquire about the requirement and suggest anything from a basic to a smart phone depending on budget. 

Ask for special price.. A lot of emphasis on "interaction"

As I mentioned, the information near the products is awesome

Why to buy smart phone?

Very well defined categories. Basic phones, smart phones etc.

Xbox, play station, the most occupied part of the store.

The Home Theatre Experience zone

Promotions or Co-branding with other brands are done smartly, not in your face promotions. Currently the promotions were own for Windows Pro 8 and Samsung. You can compare features wth other products and brands and seek opinions from people who relaly know about the products. 

The customer care department 

"Know How an Know it Now"

"Know How an Know it Now" This part deserves a mention. Every electronic item in the store had this snippet about know it and that helped you know facts like which AC to chose/ what Washing Machine is suitable for what home type. 

Not direct selling. But educating. 
Cleanliness and hygiene: While I was there this man cleaned the setups twice. Even if on the regular days this number might be less. I liked the fact that not a single mobile phone or microwave had a speck of dust on it. 
Very clean store

Keeping it clean 

Come with family
Simplifying digital experience: Gadgets are often related with geeks. But, Reliance Digital Ghatkopar, Rcity Mall, has intentions of bringing digital to life. Simplifying every minute detail to the customer through displays and helps is brilliant. Congratulations team Reliance!

Easy way to make gadgets simple

Everyone is given attention to. A set up being done for one of the differently abled customer who entered the store. No effort was made to make her uncomfortable or conscious, but every effort was made to make help her out. I liked the way everyone handled situation on their own. 
A store that is friendly to differently abled aswell 

Highlighting a feature of DSLR

Family deciding on the right washing machine

Jaya, one of the experts
She has been working with the store from quite a while. Says, she enjoys working there. 
Father-Son Tech Support
All in all, it is a store where you can spend or rather enjoy a good weekend evening. Even if you don't want to buy anything. Play a few games on x-box or ipad and explore the the fancy new gadgets. 

I was disappointed with just one thing. Which, Arul managed to recitfy right away. The treatment could be enhanced if visitors would be offered water. He showed me how they had a small water cooler in the corner, but it was not visible. So, other than that one flaw. I think the store, the experience was truly "happy". They did manage to meet their mission.