Diary of a newly wed man!!

Dear Diary,

To say it is okay (and mean it too).
To not say it is okay-- All the time. 

To say I understand.
To show that I understand.

To avoid double standards.
But, two things are not always the same.

To message-- 'take care/ we will work it out' * every now and then
*even if I said it on phone a minute ago. repeat them until they are acknowledged for.

To not say it is ok, when she is too hyper to understand (because, she already knows it is ok)
She does not want to hear "it is OK" all the time.

Innovate, Innovate, Innovate.

I should talk about myself.. (if she gives me a chance)

I should say "she is beautiful" but paraphrases and synonyms are preferred for change.

Give her some space. (even if you don't have yours)
Don't watch television. work on the computer or read Income Tax books on weekends.

Ask her if she wants to hang out with your friends.
Don't be presumptuous .

Eat what she cooks.

I should say "I love you"
I should not say I love You all the time.
At least say it once in an hour when home.

Do not write these things anywhere. She doesn't like it.

Do not learn the above things as a rule... You should rather feel them by heart

I should not change, She loves me the way I am..

But there is certainly scope for Improvement in me....

The poor hubby