Shifting Spaces--- a random random random thought

The ease and familiarity of an old place always forbids a person from accepting a new one. The comparisons do not stop and neither do the chain of memories attached to it end. Without being judgmental or nostalgic one can not think or feel. It is like you are so entangled with the baggage of the past and so hell bend on denying the future that you might not even give the present a chance. we put at stake the presence of things and people and weigh them with the past. so strong is the feeling that we look for familiar faces amongst unknown crowds or the tangibility of spaces that no longer exist. The changing of geographical coordinates or shifting of spaces can affect us this way was not known to me until now.  A space  has a substantial physical presence of its own. It exists. I know. I can not explain how possessiveness for a place is inherent in our very being. But it some how does. The semantics of "here and now" reside in a set "then and there". The moment the coordinates change the resulting components of happiness, joy, sorrow, laughter change simultaneously. I was just living in denial. denying the place it's rightful place. Now I know that it held a place in my heart.

PS-- I know the note does not make any darn sense... but it was a thought that needed an outlet.. i had to reflect upon it.. so, bear with it.