Ahem.. Yes Yes..It has been a while..

Exactly a day short of a three months break and add to it a changed calender year.. darn i have taken a long break.. so let me catch my breath what all has happened/ is happening--

1. I am now married
2. I no longer stay in Delhi.
3. I am now posting from a PC rather than my laptop
4. I miss reading your blogs
5. I am looking for freelance writing opportunities or guest faculty jobs in and around Mumbai. Also, anything other than that part time that catches my attention.
6. I miss posting on the blog
7. I hate answering to the question-- "how is married life going?" Duh like is there any answer to that
8. My brother also got married.
9. Now all three of us are married and settled.
10. Why do we often say he or she is "settled" when what we mean is "married"
11. Trust me there is nothing "settling" about the idea of marriage. 
12. Ohh I love the guy I am married to. He is pretty settled :)
13. The guy loves me too.
14. I am going for Bryan Adams show on 12th.
15. I love Mumbai at night.
16. Nim- I have bought a camera DSLR- cannon E400D. finally!!
17. I have'nt written anything for a while.
18. Other than a few poems I keep scribbling every now and then.
19. I shall post one here as well.
20. Now, I do not even know why I wrote the post in numbers.
21. 21 sounds a fine end to it. It is considered auspicious by us Indians.

Living through... 

Living through 
the glimpses of life 
from the open window

living through 
the nameless faces
and the faceless names 

living through 
the wait to see you smile 
at the end of the day

living through
the moments of
uncontrolled passion 

living through 
the happiness borrowed 
from the pages of past

living through 
the shadows of self 
in the looking glass.