A few photo shots I like.

This one looks really nice when enlarged.try it.

You can see the hand in this one. But i tried really hard to get this angle. Though did not turn out the way i wanted it to.

Attempted something. Don't think kind of succeeded.

I like the flower for it's beautiful pattern or what u call the shape.. accha tha.

Loved the colours.

Kind of cliche but this makes a wonderful wall paper. try it.

This is a cell phone pic. 2 mega pixel ..not bad eh.. :) Lohri photo. old one

Just learning how to play with light and dark. Nothing extra ordinary about it. But like the bulb light on photo.

Another cliche I guess every darn person tries this. Thanks to my friend for running around and scaring the
birds. Even I could give it a 'shot' very literally though.

Mera Gaon mera des.. Just a moving picture while I went to my village in Rajasthan last year.

 Kabutar ja ja ja

Ja re ja munh dho ke aa.. :) I loved this kid. one of the many I meet on my way to college.

 Happy Hands..  Not so happy

Sad, I found it.Could not do anything about it.This whole commonwealth scenario has given birth such new spaces on the other wise plain topography of the university.

Loved her. Haseena and Ali. Wonderful kids to talk to.

That is it for the time being. Perhaps I got inspired by Nim to post my pics. I am a photo freak. rather at home I am known for this habit and often poked fun at. Whatever. I like it I do it. I soon plan to buy a DSLR though. Can't wait. Exams were bad. Coz I can't study. Lets see 5 more to go. Will get free by 6th of May. see you around.

Belated Happy bihu, Baisakhi, New Year (tamilian I believe) and all other festivals I missed in between. :)