It is just a feeling I get

It is just a feeling I get,
a little slow
a little sour..

when it feels,

I could do
without some sunshine,
for a change.
It feels
too hot otherwise.

I like it dark
and dull at times...

The way I feel

when a damp cloth
is left for too long
in my closet.

The smell it leaves
long after it is gone.

It is not the smell
but, familiarity of it
that makes me uneasy.

It is
just a feeling I get...

like sepia toned photographs
all yellow and dull.
I like them that way.

It is easy to explain
it to my heart

they are just pictures
not real-not life.

It is just a feeling I get
when the shreds
of wax colours

stick to the corners
of my nails

and I can see
the red
in them.

Dirty -they may seem

it feels
not everything
parts away easily.

It is just a feeling I get
when I know
I am not to do 'it'
But I do 'it' anyway
and then I feel
what have I done?

It is just a feeling I get

It is a feeling that
differs me
from the rest.

I do not aspire to be different.
it gets difficult to
fade away
in the crowd...

It is just a feeling I get.

When you trust someone and feel the person is indispensable in your life. You tend to make the mistake of treating him/her as a shadow to your own self. A person who is with you, for you no matter how miserable and horrendous you feel. At times even the best of days can have the worst endings.

But I like Bollywood with happy endings.

To over react is an art. I am very well trained in it.

I am in a very Self-Sucky-Tuccha-Muccha-Crappy-Gande wala-Vaaahiyaatly Ghatiya Mood.. (SSTMCGVGM.. and I think you can add another 27 alphabets to it)

PS- Holi was good. Exams are on. Days were really awesome in the past. Even today ain't that bad. It is just a feeling I get....