Valentine's Day


The naughty little cloud played with the rain drops and managed to tickle some showers out of the sky. It was a beautiful morning. The clouds all smiling while the sun hiding, grumpy and dead. The trees were in love with the rain drops as they kissed them incessantly.

The sheeshum trees were swaying in the cold breeze and the little red flowers waiting to be shed. They were dying to meet the sand and wrap themselves behind the earthen veil . The dog wanted to taste the air and could not get enough of it. He sneezed and shivered but ,just to feel a few more rain drops on his tongue.

The old man with his chattering teeth made a face similar to that of a ruminating cow. The cat was too lazy to react. While, the little boy curiously crawled to see why everything smelt like hot chocolate. The adolescent, down the street, was all set to join her giggling gang on the terrace.

A 40 something woman craved for extra pair of hands that will make her a cup of tea. She could enjoy it outside in the balcony. The 40 something man was waiting for the morning cup of tea and wishing too badly for it to be steaming hot today.

The lover boy rushed to the nearby flower shop and bought the best of the red roses. Anxious hands stretch outside the bus window to feel the satin touch of his hands over hers. As, the two hands meet the rain drops cascading love all around.

And then, the deafening loud thud. Was it the thunder? Or did the clouds growl? Cries. Screams. Confusion. Chaos.

The clouds glum. The flowers never wished to meet the earth in this manner as the tree lay lifeless on the ground. The little one curled up in a corner. The world fell apart for the teen as the giggles echoed on the fallen roof.

The broken cycle, red roses and the pool of blood. Her lovely green eyes now content as their hands lay hand in hand. The tea was steaming hot. But no body was there to drink it.

The bone china mug crashed and broke into pieces, she once again again wished for extra pair of hands.

My heartiest condolences to people who died in the Pune blasts. And to all those who are no longer with us because of terrorism.