Why do we read?

Hmm Grayquill's post 'Why we write?' got me thinking. I was thinking why do we actually read. If I have lost a dog or a cat and I write about it. What difference does it make to your life? zilch.
What difference does it make if I am in love. To give it a thought, why should it matter to you?

Why are we interested in an anecdote from someone's life? If Mary had a little lamb why should we bother? What is the worth of Wordsworth's words?
If reading is enjoyable and pleasurable than why do we cry with Ursula, Sohrab or Dumbeldore?
Is pain pleasurable to us? Are we sadistic?

Why do I read?

I enjoy doing that. It lasts a long time in my head. Gives me a thought. Gives my thought a direction. Directions find new thoughts. I debate, laugh and forget about a few things. Somethings last forever.

I look for characters in people around me. I look for people in characters from the book. The dog eared old pages with notes on the back make me feel connected to the person who read it before me. I like to touch them and see what lies beneath. The book jacket talks to me.

Whenever I am sad or happy, the note on the starting page of the book makes me smile. The writer's dedication to mother, daughter friend or nobody excites me. What satisfaction he must have got dedicating his hard work to someone. How much he loved the people whom he dedicated his hard work. He must value them the most in his life. They must have done something worth it.

Where do these thoughts come from in a writer's mind. Does he write with a mindset that he will be read by someone. How does it feel when nobody reads you.

How does it feel when you read?

Lastly the awards I was to pass on to 7 or so people.

First the nameless award(it has already done the rounds to the people whom i wanted to give so I am not repeating them now)-

1. Soubhik- My first motivator to write....and continues to be one all the time.

2. Slow Processor- mutual fan following :)

3. Mind meanders- I know you don't post. but u can at least pass on the secrets comment section. or i can design a post card for you. just in case you know :)

Second the Kreative blogger award-

This one also came with a tag. thanks to choco. But tag business gets quite a lot so, need not do it. heheh.. :) Just keep writing.

1. Soubhik- again I was inspired by his creativity. -http://dubiousdistinctions.blogspot.com/

2. Bluntu- no words. his posts are a laugh riot- http://blunt-edges.blogspot.com/

3.Ashes- aah beauty and polished writings. she gets better with every post- http://ashesandsomedust.blogspot.com/

4. Grayquill- Creative his is. Hope your quill never grays http://www.grayquillmusings.com/

5. Shanu- Need I give any reason. The bade behen bhai win hands down with their creative gems. :P http://fullonbakwaas.blogspot.com/

6. Nim- Her photography skills have given her a new dimension. way to go girl. http://sectumspectra.blogspot.com/

7. Mahesh's blog Anubhav love the way he writes. http://anubhav-mahesh.blogspot.com/

PS- awards are not in any order of hierarchy. :P You can take the images of the award and put on your blogs from the previous post.