A christmas wish

This is from my four year old sunshine. my niece. my best friend Kuhu. A little gift to each and every one who reads this.
Dear grown ups,

My hands are small
- I don't mean to spill my milk,

My legs are short -
Please slow down
so I can keep up

Don't slap my hands
when I touch something bright and pretty
I don't understand
Please look at me when
I talk to you,

Then I know you are really listening,

My feelings are tender -
don't nag me all day
me make mistakes without feeling stupid
Don't expect what I do to be perfect -
Just love me for trying

Remember I'm a child not a small adult
I don't understand
what you are saying
I love you so much -
please love me for just being me
for the things I can do.

I love you
you are all that I have.

A four year old kid's wish
Author Unknown