Blast from the past

My two elder bro and sis back from school. When,
Dad- So, how was school?
Kids- Good
Mom- lunch?
Kids- Dying.
Mom- Smiling.
Kids- Growling
Mom- ok first answer a question?
Kids- Duh?
Mom- How many siblings are you?
Kids- aaaaaaargh
Kids- like.. you are a limit.. 2. two. T- W- O... Now can we get our food.
Mom and Dad- jaws drop?, two? How can you forget your little sister?
Kids- Shit..Lunch gone... :(

When I was ten, it was a family outing. Five of us in an auto rickshaw was tough to fit in. An auto can accomodate four on seats. while I had to sit on someone's lap. I disliked sitting on someone else's lap while everybody else enjoyed the comfort of a seat.

Bro- Sit Sit (As he grabbed one of the seats)
Sis- I will take the window sit
Me- So will I
Mom- both cannot sit there. Me- I will
Mom- Stop quarrelling. I will.
Me- No No i will
Mom- then I will sit on your lap is it?
Me- Ok. yes you can
Mom- stop it.
Bro- you are extra Me- no
Sis- yes. Mom got you from dustbin.
Me- No.
Bro- yes see why do you think autos have four seats. because the fifth one is extra.
Me- (with tears in my eyes) No. Mom did you seriously get me from dustbin maa?
Mom- now will you please let me sit on the seat.
Me- Yes.

Few days back, after 19 years. Dad's friend came to our place. He is now a Member of parlament in some northeastern state. So, a round of introduction was on: Dad- She is my elder daughter, "blah"
Blah- Hello she flaunts the knowledge
Dad- this is my son "Blah Blah"
"Blah Blah"- Hello- again flaunts his dialect of the northeastern state.

I enter, peeping from the background waiting for my turn.
Dad- this is Mr. Ramsingh, he works with me at office
Ramsingh- namaste
Dad- this is padosi
Padosi- namaste
Me(thought) - me me me me
Dad- Lets have dinner.

I waited for my turn which never came. Blah Blah came to rub it in.

Blah Blah- So, u met the uncle.
Me- No I am not interested.
Blah Blah- Yes Yes, you useless journo. Come i shall introduce you. Guess some one forgot to do that.. Or may be he did not ..ahem
Me- shut up.
Blah Blah- Grinning.
Blah- aaah What happened? Why are you laughing?
Blah blah whispered it in her ear.
Blah and Blah Blah laughed away to glory. While I finally made my way out and said.

"Hello, I am blah blah blah, the youngest daughter."

Huh.. Whatever.