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The Nameless Award on the right
Thanks to :
Bluntu/Ashley/ Shanu
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I was supposed to tell seven secrets. Considering tagged thrice. I made it 21 and 1 each as bonus ..hehe

  1. I am the best- Narcissist to the core- which includes clicking my own photographs and of course self love is the best kind of love :) Kya karun mein hun hi itni acchi..

  2. 'Toothpick-onion-after mint' Thief'- I like to steal things from restaurants.. ahem.. like not kleptomaniac.. things like - I already mentioned.

  3. Sleeping Beauty- like beauty sleep means sleeping in the bathroom. so that by the time u come out u look oh so nice. :)

  4. Filmy to the core- which includes cheesey oneliners, refering to movies every now and then in random conversations.

  5. I am a hopeless romantic- despite the fact that i deny it all the time. I like it when someone surprises me with a gift, a rose, a hug.. and things like that... the idea of a love letter or a song..aaha..nice.. hehehe.. But only if all this asked for ..i do not intend on increasing no. of stalkers..

  6. Always fishing for comments.. yes i wait with baited breath for the first comment on anything i write. so, whenever i write something i feel like wish someone was next to me..who will read it and zooom here i go with the good and the bad of it.

  7. I hate waiting for the first comment on any post .. ahem more or less the same secret

  8. I want to write a book some day.. yep that too an autobiography..

  9. Cursh meant nothing for me When I was in school.. I suppose in 6-7 standard. I had no clue what did the word ‘crush’ mean.. I was told by some one dumber than me that it means something you are excited about at that time.. so I wrote My latet crush… my nanaji is coming to delhi… crap now I want to tear that page from that girl’s slam book..

  10. All hail Maharani of Rajasthan: Whenever I visit forts I start feeling this raaz pichle janm ka..that I am a reincarnation of some royal blood..

  11. All Bad-Sad-Hindi Film Songs: I hold a collection of the most vahiyat hindi film songs

  12. What is in a Name: I do not remember Hollywood stars' name. Despite the fact that I watch the movies..but when someone asks me who is who.. I suck at it

  13. Geography sucks: It is deplorable.. like I am directionally dyslexic roots of which I think are inherent in my senselessness of geography. For me America can be anywhere.. and the latitudes and longitudes.. god I suck at it.

  14. I have no clue where I am going-Directions are not my cup of tea.. have told this before. but u should know that there are chances that i can get lost even on my way to home.

  15. Future Tense- I do not know what I want to do in life. hum kis gali jaa rahey hein. apna koi thikana nahi hai...

  16. Bald and beautiful- I have a thing for bald men and tennis players.

  17. Crushes get crushed- At a moment I can have more than one crushes. But the moment I get to know the person. I guess my ego is satisfied and I no longer remain interested in that guy.. damn… all my crushes get crushed… because I think they are meant to be crushed.. they etymology behind the word is this I am sure.

  18. 60 secs of fame- I want to feature in some toothpaste advertisement kabhi.. like I have this perfect battisi- dentures..

  19. Always trying to be funny- I have a funny bone which can actually go wrong in I often try and be funny all the time.. that is why I am called the pjqueen

  20. Kids Kids Kids- I love spending my time with kids. They can cheer me up anytime. They are super duper good. Even if they are ugly I find them

  21. I love buying books- .. no matter I read them or not Like this is my ultimate stress buster. Shopping for books especially hard bound second hand books. I love them. like they smell so good. the feel of dog eared pages. mind blowing.

  22. I cannot keep a secret.. ;)
ok enough for abhi.. i have to pass it on to people.. the second award also comes with a tag.. but i shal handle it in next post.. thanks choco for that.

love all..