Auto Shauto Hunting

Auto Shauto Hunting.. i always end up finding such autos or buses.. mast art of expression hai :)

Auto Art-
The slogan on this auto says "अमीरों की ज़िन्दगी है बिस्कुट और केक से, ड्राईवर की ज़िन्दगी है स्टीरिंग और ब्रेक से";
Translation- Forget it.. essence will be lost ..

This is interesting-er and my favourite.. Translation is possible here- "Side Please- there is tiger inside"

This auto guy was so enthusiastic that he did not leave any blank space at all. He had some weird factual things for life. Things like how going to the religious shrines gets you blessings and how one should respect their parents.. but what it proclaimed or rather adviced on the right hand side of the auto was killing. the last photo is the side view of the same auto. where the guy is telling us the role of a husband and wife in tandem with that of ram and sita.. thank you Auto wale bhaiya I am enlightened.
No comments on this one. :)

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