"I care playing for India"

"Tendu Ten don't"
India vs. Australia... the entire series has been so disappointing.. As in there were matches that we almost won.. too close yet too far...

Sachin is the most awesome outstanding player of the century.. what a match.. 175 runs .. Brilliant.

But the presentation ceremony said it all. Disappointment written all over his face. He wanted to win. And he could not have done more. But still, ending up on the losing side...
I am utterly disappointed. And that Dhoni is a git of a man. Can't he appreciate the man for the ehsaan.. for the spirit with which he played. Even Ponting said that Sachin delivered an outstanding knock. But, the captain of Indian Team was audacious enough to not appreciate his own team member. that too the best one.

Chor saala dhoni. I hate him huh.. khud se toh hota nahin jo kerte hein unki taarif nahin ker sakta.. jhootha ..

Hats off

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