Happy Children's day 14th November

It felt dirty ‘inside’

I used to love my

Muddy blue pants

But you always

Liked them clean

You know what

It did not change

A thing in me


It felt dirty ‘inside’…

"Clean because,

they should shine"

You said.

And I should not

Look unclean

But, clean for me was -

The ice cream stain

The mud, the sand

The greasy paint

Do you remember?

The Little girl at the

End of the street.

With a dirty face,

A dirty shirt and her

Dirty little hands

She smiled at me

But, I could not smile

Because, it felt dirty inside

Is she nice,

I had asked you then.

And your smile

Was in disguise.

What was it,

That you hid from me?

It felt dirty inside…

The girl next day,

Did touch me though

And, I felt she was just me.

Mum, I know

it was not the dirt

But 'dearth'


made her unclean.


It is time to celebrate childhood. To give them what is rightfully theirs a 'childhood' .

Gift a childhood today and if you do that, here you can put this little kid's smiling face on your blog. Just to remind yourself and others of what good you did for the day and days to come.

lets make a child smile :)

Happy Children's day