College re-visited

This poem here traverses my journey through college. A nostalgic tribute to the three years of graduation. To all the friends who made the days, the months, the years, more than special. It has been doing rounds on facebook with all my friends responding super emotionally to it. Thought might as well share it with all of you here.

Between sips of iced tea

Between sips of iced tea
I dwell,
Over images from the past

The people, their traces
Places that used to bear familiar faces
Never ending nonsensical talks
Twilights and long walks
The chewing gums, the fights
Carefree days, insomniac nights
Rotten humour’s victorious grin
Banging heads over melodious din
Lunatic fits of dancing in the lawns
Followed by trite lectures with yawns

Professors- who knew more than they taught
Professors- who talked more than they knew
Some knew more than we could ever digest
Shakespearean critique of potter’s quest

A new bag full of fresh perspectives
Old expressions got new adjectives
We now existed in ‘dismantled’ frame of mind
Once called ‘secret’ now became ‘clandestine’
Innuendoes, words with numerous connotations
Words that sounded like ‘anthropomorphization’
Snake that no longer looked like a snake
Foucault put our very existence at stake

Still it was fun one way or the other
We cribbed and sulked,
And culled and mulled

I saw it all over here
Love, friendships and betrayals
Or real life characters of literary portrayals
Today, sitting here
I wonder what has changed
I do not find anyone
Anyone but myself
Sitting and writing
As ‘that’ life flashes past me
Between sips of iced tea

We all scrap and tweet
Don’t get the time to ‘really’ meet
As we all smile from the mug shots
Nostalgia cripples as memories clot
Even this vision will soon become too blur to see
Between sips of iced tea …

I know this post comes too late. But I have been writing (finally). So, will try posting some of them together.. Sorry all for not staying in touch. I have a lot of catching up to do it seems. Was not doing that great with health and wealth :) so was just taking a break. Also, guys happy diwali to all. The festival of lights also keeps me busy. As mehndi, rangoli everything awaits my gracious presence. Will definitely post some photos of the celebrations. Till then hope you have a great festival. Hope you are all fine. take care. I will read all the blogs; homework at hand- brose, blunt, nim, grayquill- m back to haunt you all at blogosphere :)


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