Rain is falling chhama chhama Chham...

Scene 1.
It's raining and you are in the best of your moods. When suddenly the clouds growl and the sky is raided by lightning streaks.

Reel life - You get scared and brace the person next to you, who usually is the most handsome person on earth. Also, the person then turns out to be the hero and he gives out that triumphant grin gazing at the sky. He thanks the god for the help.

Real life- You just crib and curse the god for untimely disruption in flow of romantic thoughts in the sexy weather. Then, as you are unprepared for sudden noise and the lightning, you just jump or raise your eyebrows and show your astonishment. Next to you usually is no one. Or even if there is , it never turns out to be hero.

My life-
Lightning- Check
Sky growls- check
Romantic thoughts- Check
Sexy weather - Check
Astonishment- Check

But, instead of me getting all bewildered, it is some one else. It was the same bad weather condition when I was hunting for a rick to drop me till Anand Vihar bus stop. I finally found one rick guy, while talking to him the background music of the clouds' wrath continues. All of a suddenn there was a very loud almost deeafening noise and next i remember the poor rick guy in his attempt to save himself embraced me. and everybody around me was in fits. Both of us smiled uncomfortably an then he said 'darr gaya tha mein'. After two minutes he said chalo chalo side mein khade ho jate hein. but I convinced him that nothing would happen. Through out the way we smiled at the embarassing embracing act. BY the time we reached it was raining cats and dogs. I thought I might take pets home.. Ok sad.. Anyway, yeah then he told me madam ji aap bhi dar gayi thi na. I just smiled and said yes. As both of us were red in the face. ;)

Scene 2 will be continued for next post.... I have list of anecdotes to narrate....