Love Aaj kal ?? never

why am I so slow???

Ok for all the International readers, the few I can boast of, ;) this post is a venting out of hatred for a particular actor who has time and again done the same type of roles, in the same way of acting and in the same disappointing manner with the same rotten-constipated face. "Applause"

The name of the actor is the chhote Nawarb Saif Ali Khan. He should see a psychiatrist when it comes to finding or 'realising' when he is 'actually' in love. Both reel and real life this bloody irritating man can not 'decide'. Like he is 'slow' very very very very slow. Slower than the slowest being on earth or universe.

Like he did this in Dil Chahta hai, we liked it.

He did it in HUM TUM, with those irritating animated creatures, we still liked him.

He did it in Salam Namaste. Some people liked it.

Now he does that again in this Love AAj Kal.

I dislike, disapprove, detest, hate, abhor, disagree, dismantle, dis miss... and whatever diss.'.satisfies my frustration levels, should be put in here and read as 'written'.

This guy always does the same roles of the confused lover who has a hard time hanging on to a girl and then he harps about how he thinks that love stories are fictional matter. And one fine day he says he will leave the girl and not marry her because he is too cool. yay.And the next fine day he will realise no that was love. Abey he looks buddha, I mean looks old and he is old enough to end such stupid acts in movies.

Get a life, the same old dialogues of saying that love never happens. I remember the dialogues by heart. Because we have seen the same funda time and again.

I know I have taken it a way too seriously but that guy completely ruined the movie. A few good things about the movie-

And why I hated this movie is more to the Indian cinema's being stuck on the same 'slow-lovo-commito-confucio-phobic' sense of protagonist in each picture with the same old ghatiya dialogues. Like I can write one such movie just by talking crap. And my good sense of seeing such vaahiyat pictures.

"pyar toh kitabi batein hein, heer ranjha - laila majnu toh sirf kitabon mein hotein hein..kya tum oyar mein vishwas rekhti ho? abey nahin kerti toh kya tu koi aur dialogue nahin maar sakta.

hum toh new generation hein.. yeh woh .. falana dhingna.. mein aur pyar never,.. pyar mein toh mushkilein hein.. i can't commit.. then it is your bloody problem. Stop bothering the vieweerrrs with the same old mental problem of yours. Saif ali khan is dyslexic , he has lovautism.

Love shove is all bakwas/ crap.. don't tell me you believe in on this? Yay I am cool.. In what world are you living love never happens it is just the 'fun'... crap.. yap yap yap yap....

Tum nahin samjhoge kuch kuch hota hai..

Abey saaley chHHHHHUP.. SHUT UP!!"
Disclaimer- I am not a very die hard follower or believer of 'love' but atleast i don't yap on 70 mm and no body has to pay Rs. 140 or whatever to hear me act or express my opinion on love. And sorry Saif, if u r reading this, It will be for your own benefit. ;)

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