Kuch bhi likh do (write anything)

I have in the last few weeks logged on to the blogger website and thought of updating this darn blog several times.. But, then things went on accumulating and I kept on delaying them.
Now the world seems grim as the 'post postponing period of the post seems to have stretched for too long a span'...

well several times I thought I shall update

1. A friend was leaving thought would write a goodbye post-

Comments- how does it matter to the rest of us?

Mine- ohh wow I have a comment :)

2. Work at office was hectic thought would write about it

Comments - As if rest of the world was busy watching rakhi ka swayamwar

Mine- Come on don't lie Rakhi swayamwar got over ages back. watch khatro ke Khiladi instead. i like it when India's best wrestler cries infront of camera. we have to overcome our fears. yay!!

3. The rains in delhi and the roadss there after

Comments- ohh that's really a first. a new discovery. shhhh don't let anybody know about it. Post it to NASA.

Mine- Come on don't flatter me. it is no rocket science. I know I am gifted .. Oh puh..leez now let it be....

4. My results are out, I am in MA final now

Comments- wow You are the first person in India to reach that stage.

Mine- really? I knew I can do this

5. It was my sister's birthday a post hailing sisterhood

Comments- Public display of affection..

Mine- errr.. ok..yah .. alright...

6. Saw kaminey thought of reviewing it

Comments- You are the first one to see it great. 'F' jokes are way too common

- ohh you have feen it too.

7. wrote a few sad poems

Comments- Thank god you did not post it

Mine- I know poetry needs a different set of readers altogether. My poetry deserves better.

8. I will write something.
9.I will write something.
10.I will write something.

After all the hypothetical conversations and posts, I finally decided "Lets stick to something."

In short I could not think of anything. I am thus suffering from blogging block. Like it is in vogue to say it when you are out of ideas.