What to do with life? Whatever

Good question. Things have been not so great as my last post said. But, whatever they are not as bad as I make them sound. Just that to vent out the inner regret and crap like that I just write what I think will do some justice.. like it is satisfying that i am at least not that unfeeling.. i don't
know how to complete this sentence.. I don't know what I am writing ..

The week as I told was full of ups and downs.. More downs then ups...
Parents are back
Kuhu is here (niece)
Office is still OK. A bit hectic though.
It rained and We all had a super good time in office. I forced people to get wet in rain on the roof top. It was fun we acted like bunch of over enthu kids.
Have been bugging Vipul at office.It is fun to do that.. Bullying around people.
new cell phone
watched "Ice Age-3"
A real good friend is getting married in Pakistan.. Good wishes for her. Hope she has a great great life ahead.

I still feel bad about the tiff with sister.
Though i wrote bout it, I feel I shouldn't have.
I am the clumsiest person alive on this earth.
I feel like sitting at a place silently -(which is not a good sign when it comes to me)
These days I talk because i know i will 'think' if i don't
I am not a Thinking person

Lastly, I have had some real adventurous days. I almost died as my Dupatta (stole) got stuck in a cycle rickshaw wheel. And I felt as if I was to be "hanged till death". My neck is severely bruised and I have been hiding it from dad. Because, he gets a bit extra concerned and then office going will be a bit tough. Yesterday, my auto banged into a Santro and footpath.. I am fine nothing happened. But, accident hogaya rabba rabba... The surd from the Santro came out and just stared at me. Which was a sign that the we shall meet in the battle field.

I realised I should pay and get off . That's when I find that I left my wallet at office. Wow. now i
am stranded in the middle of Uttar Pradesh, with no money on me.. What do I do?

Option one- I should give him the metro card and tell him to return it to metro station and he will get 150 rs.
Option two- Pen drive de deti hun
Option three- Files girvi rekh dun
Option four- Kahin bank hai kya? I have my salary cheque if they let me cash it right away.
Option five- Which side should i run- right or left?

Right then I found 29Rs. in chillad/ coins and some old five rupee notes. Thankfully that was enough for the distance I had travelled. Whatever....

Then I was to come to Delhi with no money on me. The metro station was kilometers away and I was getting late. So, I had to look for an auto that would leave me home and then i shall pay from there.

The adventurous day ended as I found one good fellow who dropped me all the way to north campus for hundred bugs. phew... That was close.