This is it

This is it
The twinkle in your eyes
The dimple on her chin
Naughty little ‘sigh!’
Aah! I know
This is it …

You slip a little something
In a satin ribbon wrap
A tear wells up
Sitting pretty on her cheek
Aah! I know
This is it …

You hold her hand
A thought tickles you
The new state of being
Aah! I know
This is it …

The hand now sweats
As the grip tightens
Eyes ‘white’ widen
Aah! did I know?
Is this it?

The knotted dreams
Pink ribbon haunts
As you free yourself
Aah! only if you knew
This is what “it” is …

The look once enchanting
Now kills you real
A spell to undo it
Aah! I should have known
This is not it
This cannot be …

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