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The dimly lit room never made so much sense. It was what she had always wanted or tried to want. Her desires, wants, aspirations, everything came down to this very little room. A room of her own, there was not much of room for her otherwise. A space she wished she could spend her entire lifetime.

Escapism, yeah right, that is what they call it. But what is the harm? Where is the harm? At the end we all want to be happy, don’t we? Then why not find it in our own way. They find it in loud music, colourless odourless dress materials and diet food. She is just asking for her own space. That does not even bother a single ‘other’ soul.

But, sooner or later even this ‘room’ would leave her. Or will she leave this room? The space will shrink into a lump of collective guilt. A guilt to have joined the thousand other sleep walking ‘humans’. Will this room accept her anymore? It had sheltered her so far and how can it deny her of what is rightfully her own?

Has not she started talking like the rest of the world? She considers the space as an immortal state of being. She has changed, has not she? After all, they did it. They won. She did lead it the way they chalked it out for her. The way they think it is ‘normal’. The way she took to escape got her back to what she was trying to escape from.

You make it, you fight it, you take it, or you leave it. There is no escape. It is just a state of mind.

PS- I do not know what is this. I do not know if it makes sense. Yeah right I am sure I am aware that it does make some sense otherwise I won't be putting it here. But is it a piece of fiction or prose or just something that came to my mind. I just wrote it and it came in a flow. So, readers' discretion recommended. Comments required. Compliments Accepted Suggestions Appreciated. Readers Welcome.

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