Emotional Atyachar

Just when I think things are sorting themselves out and I am finally going back to my 'oh-so-normal' self. Situation switches from home emotional atyachar to office. We get to see things that we never imagine

Like, as I always harp about nice soothing office.. I think nazar lag gayi hai meri.. It's because of me or something just went wrong in the 'pre-lapsarian' world of eden...

Now, the work pressure is so much that every now and then I hear people shouting on each other and being scold for various reasons from files to staplers ..blah blah.. perhaps it is the heat . I always blame it up on the heat but, there is more to it I am sure. The scene I hope betters it self.. is that an expression? I mean 'betters'.. may be

My posts, I have realised, have become way too personal and as Soubhik da says way too random.. whatever.. call it random reflections. I haven't read anything other than RTI Applications and people fighting endlessly for various issues...

It is fun doing that though, like I get to see people who find their 'cows' after fling RTIs and also people who want to become the Prime Minister of India for 6 months and they claim they will eradicate poverty. What is more incredible is that the guy has managed replies for such RTIs.. wah wah

Anyhow, I plan to read Artemis Fowl finally I will finish first part tonight.. Promise.. tomorrow is Sunday toh I am sure I will manage something.. I will now post something other than personal prose... Many people by the way have left PCRF as well. Many as in two.. one intern and DJ- remember techno legal transport ... :( which means I never get a lift till anywhere now.

But, Vipul has been travelling with me, which is really nice, but soon he will be gone as well and that means travelling to another country alone by all modes of transport. Pheew the thought in itself is scary. Sudipto and myself have been bugging Vipul with our senseless little jokes (how does it matter to anyone out here? Why I am writing stuff like ...)

I behave like the over excited toddler who has to narrate the day's event to her mother before the next day's school antics..And what is with the word- 'like'. I have used it almost ten times. like I am talking nonsense. See what I mean. Nothing new.

Oh by the way I think I am starting a daily column accident of the day. This time it is 'kitchen accident' with me. As corn sputtered in the oil, it just splashed on my hand and neck.

Now, I definitely evade from wearing half sleeves otherwise it seems that I am a victim of domestic violence with various kinds of bruises to flaunt. (Why do I get into gory details.. sympathy seeker)

I know it is not funny. But it does seem funny when people stare you in a very speculative or sympathetic way ;) And then I give the look like damsel in distress and my husband beats me to death... not funny again. Period.

Didi has left and so has my sunshine. I am going to have dinner now. So, tomorrow wait for something else other than outbursts I hope. I am fed up of 'I me myself.'

Self obsessed little wench inside me needs a break. Till then tata.

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