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Firstly with Google even I am celebrating 25 years of the game 'Tetris'. I love that game, have played it n number of times on my first handy video game. In bus, train and even on hospital beds it has served the best ever time pass.

Anyway this post is to divulge the latest stuff. Of course Fredrer won, despite the fact that i have developed a soft corner for Del Porto, a good player, indeed. So, here I am telling you what all has happened in the recent past.

On my personal front I am now working and have finally stepped on the axe. Is that really the way the proverb goes in English? no idea. But, I have taken up a job in Ghaziabad, it is with PCRF http://www.pcrf.in/ . I am on their Media team and my job is to 'write' aah I love it. But, the fact that it is so so so far from North Delhi that some one has to be as insane me to take up the job. By the way the place is super cool, no office politics, but genuine healthy friendly competition. No hierarchy, no tables, no chairs, no AC.. aah I have never wished for anything else. There are mats and laptops and you can work as per your wish as in the posture of your choice :). Lastly, there are many such insane people who travel from north. Though they do not oblige the public transport department as I do. They prefer a personal transport instead.

Currently I plan to pursue this work for 2 months. I will travel via public transport and possible all possible modes. I take a cycle rickshaw till metro station, then the metro, then I get off at Kashmere gate Metro Station to change it for Dilshad Garden Metro train. Dilshad Garden paves way for an auto ride till Anand Vihar Bus Adda. That is the UP border so I take up a cycle rickshaw till my final destination Kashaumbi. The road to my office is a bit messy, so I leave the rick around a kilometer before and thus take a walk till the office. toing!!! simple we have reached.

Despite all the bhagadaudi this morning I feel a bit happy and relaxed. So here is what I wrote in metro on a Cafe Coffee day used tissue paper. Have a good day people.

I have a rainbow round my shoulder
Violet pierces through my heart
Indigo glows down the path
Blue flows past me
Green eases out the pain
Yellow seems to fade
Orange fills my mouth
Red becomes me

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