I know there is a movie with the same name as 'trainspotting'. But, the post is not even vaguely related to it. I was watching news and as always it is the most depressingly frustrating part of the day, unless of course I am watching the most sadistically entertaining news reporters from the-

"Identifier of National Disasters In Afghanistan Taliban Vicinity" [India Tv]

Yes, I managed to find out their real motive, the Aliens themselves divulged it to me in Kajat Sharma's Paap Ki Adalat.

Anyway, coming back to the post. News. I seriously do not understand how do we reconcile debates in India. Civil, Social, day to day issues and National issues of civilian, social importance are the basic premises surrounding them.

Here is a list of such issues which triggered of debates at national level

a) Reservation- Gujjar-Meena crisis in Rajasthan; SC/ST crisis- OBC crisis thanks to Mr. Arjun Singh's decisions etc. etc.

b) Dera Saccha Sauda- Baba Raam Rahim and his blasphemous attempts.

c) Killing of Dera Sachkhand Holy figure in Vienna

d) Rise in the price of onions

e)MNS- Marathi Manus vs. The Indian warrior

f) Saffron Brigade vs. The safe-run Brigade

g) Tytler vs Sikhs

I can probably go on with the list of problems. But, we are brilliantly intelligent people you know. We have one solution for all the above problems and all others to come. One solution to end all debates. here are the solutions

a) The Burning Train - I think they got confused with the meaning of 'reservations'. Train reservations are a touchy issue for us Indians.

b)The Burning Train - Religious head and blasphemous attempts to hurt Sikh sentiments. Was he 'train-ed' to do this? you never know.

c) The Burning Train - The guru died in Vienna, how will burning of trains in India solve the issues, I am still figuring this one out.

d) The Burning Train - Burning trains actually would have delayed the transporting of the vegge delight. but, whatever. We are not to question our intelligence and integrity especially when it comes to "The Burning Train".

e) The Burning Train - Marathi manus are inspired by bollywood, I can not blame them. It is always easier to blame movies for our reactions.

f)The Burning Train- No clue, might be because burning trains gives them satisfaction of winning over one another's political agendas.

g) The Burning Train - hmm.. Tytler starts from T and Trains begin with the same letter. A simplified case of mental satisfaction.

And the latest one being, halts of trains were removed from one station in Bihar, the crowd could not digest this and burnt down three trains. like hadd hai? gaadi nahin ruki toh jala denge? Bohra gaye hein kya sab. sala paisa toh humara hi legta hai.

With time and the advent of globalization, protests have diversified their approaches though.
If you are less violent, you can throw shoes. If you are non-violent go for a candle light vigil. Those who are too lazy to protest against the protest, like me, write.

As if I have any other thing to do. Don't challenge me though or i will go trainspotting!

I hate to admit but we are just the worst examples of 'termites' who eat the wood from inside. we just do the same to our public property. If I start counting the number of trains burnt tilll now.. neah I think it is an impossible task.

Sorry for another random rant. But, I was too pissed to stand it. frustration.

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