Things on my mind..

  1. The day seems too long today.
  2. 26th June has passed away.
  3. so many people died in the last one week.
  4. Was Jackson a good guy?
  5. My grandpa was old and ailing.
  6. Are we ever prepared to face death?
  7. Is every summer so hot or we have this habit of saying "is baar toh bahut garmi pad rehi hai"
  8. It is 10.15pm, I should finish Artemis Fowl finally.
  9. Should I listen to music?
  10. The day wasn't bad.
  11. Office still seems nice.
  12. What will I cook tomorrow?
  13. I have lost appetite
  14. Good I need to lose weight :)
  15. I need to clean my place tomorrow.
  16. Madhur Bhandarkar is mad cow. Racist sala. Piggy Chops sleeps with a kala and gets all shameful and all.
  17. Why can't he get out of displaying stereotyping obviousness of life on screen?
  18. Being alone at Home not a good idea.
  19. I am missing parents.
  20. My sister is coming to Delhi on 1st..
  21. Chholey is finalised for morning menu.
  22. Why are people so two faced.
  23. Am I too much of myself?
  24. Does it matter?
  25. Yawn.. I am sleepy
  26. Why is office so far?
  27. Tomorrow is Sunday!!
  28. Is Delhi a nice place to stay?
  29. Why not dating someone till 22 is a surprise for people?
  30. Do I look like "make friendships to me kind of female?"
  31. what do I mean by categorising females?
  32. Am I not a feminist?
  33. Are feminist anti men?
  34. What's wrong with me
  35. DJ is really nice, he dropped me so far today.
  36. Why am I writing this post?
  37. Should I post-pone it?
  38. Should I Speed post it?
  39. Or may be lamppost.. whatever
  40. I need some sleep. It's the heat.