PCRF- The extended family :)

"I stretched my arm
to grab the sky
Sunshine streamed
to my heart
and stayed there in"

On 6th of June, I joined PCRF- Public Cause Research Foundation. Perhaps, simplicity is the sheer motto of the place. From the rugs on the floor to a surprisingly humble 'leader' - I can't call him a boss. He does not fit into the stereotypical definition of a boss. He is a leader. The new age leader who leads from the front and respects each and every individual as an individual.

Anyhow, this aint about how much I respect my leader. Ofcourse that is one of the many things I am going to discuss. Firstly, I am sorry for taking almost forever to update blog this time. I have been going through a lot. To be precise -rough patch, a ruined birthday and a hectic work schedule packed with the daily travelling fatigue.

Now, my work actually is to write stories. Basically my NGO, or should I say, 'WE' are organising National RTI awards to recognize the extraodinary amidst the ordinary. Right to Information Act has changed so many lives and still I am ashamed to say many people are not even aware of it.

By 'people', I do not mean dumb or uneducated people. I am specificallly hinting at the educated illiterates or literate uneducated.. whichever is right. I always get confused between the two. As long as you get the meaning, it is OK. In case you know kindly enlighten me aswell.

So far I have come across many many many interesting success stories. Actualy we do not get credit for our stories. It is more of a news agency sort of work. we put together the information and rest is upto the newspapers' will. But, I love it because I get to know it first. :)

Here is an introduction to my extended family-

Arvind Kejriwal- Leader- 'Humble bee' He is the most 'humble-polite-nice' and all the similar sounding words. I have never seen people sooooo humble.. Seriously like he is polite to the insurance/loan crank calls aswell. This is based on what I have known of him so far.

Swati Maliwal- 'Busy Bee' Why m i calling every one a bee.. may be all this seems like a hive. But She is super hardworking. Always working. Drinks,eats,sleeps and ofcourse lives work. Don't believe me? Come and see her for yourself. Another reason why I like her..ahem she calls me 'sunshine' :)

DJ- 'Transport-Techno-Legal-Support-System' No as the name suggest he is not handling any parties or music at office. He drops 4-5 people from north campus and provides free cab services. I do get a ride atleast one way which is really helpful. thank you DJ. He is also the techno guy who handles all the office computer-laptop glitches. My internet is never working and thanks to him I can work without hassles. He is a lawyer by profession so, that makes it legal. An elder brother kind of person when it comes to the conern and friendliness he maintains.

Shweta- "Good things come in small packages" She is like the first person I met in office on Day1. One of the reasons I joined it was her presence. I am sure she is not aware of it. I saw her jumping around office and laughing and distributing sweets she got from home. The sight was refreshingly relatable. I certainly would love to work in a place where a person is allowed to be himself/herself. Now, I think i know her better..She has a beautiful smile. I see a real good friend in the making out here. Lastly, She has a very fancy wallet, which she never forgets to flaunt. I wish I could have got one.

Kapil ji-'Torch-bearer'. While, I was hassled by poor writing, lack of coherence and other issues. He was the one who guided me. The person has something about him that makes me call him 'sir'. In the positive sense fo the word. He has a towering personality. Passionate journalist who pursues the story to the end.

Seema- 'Beautiful reality check' She is superbly beautiful and simple. But, at the same time she is one person who does not fear speaking her mind out. Such people, make office space worth it. She is frank and her opinions might seem in your face. That makes her special. I do not know her much but, she seems nice and always ready to learn. Which is good.

Vipul Wadhwa- 'Drama King' He bears a constant expression as if he is being ragged by his seniors at office. An actor par excellence. A great nature and has a knack for making random 'friends' in the metro. I share a good rapport with the guy. Not that I don't with others. But with him now it is more of a college friend nature. And ofcourse the kid got me a bunch of flowers for my birthday. thank you so very much.

- 'little me'.. I see a little bit of me in her. She is a 'kid' who laughs on anything silly or even not so silly. So whenever I have an urge to crack my silly jokes I know whom to approach. Anytime I have to go laugh on something, she is the best to call. we have a common friend 'kandi Sridhar' Thanks to him we survive in a society like RTI. We know that smoke is 'valatile' and Drink is the curse of life. Sorry, to all the readers who do not know the context but, I had to write this.

Sudipto Sircar
- 'muma's boy- this guy is any mother's dream come true. He loves anything his mother cooks for him. Anything means anything from tinda tori to karela. Good? Also, we have similar interests when it comes to books and music. So, nice to know him.

'Elder sister' She reminds me of my sister for some reason. But, I do not talk to her much. Some thing pulls me back. I think she doesn't like me. She is a very intelligent person, as she knows how to juggle between work and home. I have seen her output when working form home, and can't question the dedication even then. Very responsible person around.

Jillian - 'Eyes have it' Her eyes speak for herself. I think I have actually fallen for her eyes or something :) We have now shared the same office space and the same nature of work for quite a while. So, I kind of know her well. She likes the food I get from home. And we have our silly little jokes about 'Indian' names. Because, considering she is still getting a hang of it, the situational humour is worth it. She now specialises in mis- 'quoting' people in news stories. :)

Feroz- 'multitasking lover boy'- As Arvind, said in one of the meetings, he volunteers for too many responsibilities. Currently looking for an eligible girl to befriend our highly sought after bachelor boy. Anybody interested?

Rishi- 'Hello haan hello'- He is currently handling Telephone operating department. Inka 'raj yog' aur 'laxmi' ji ka vaas bahut hi badhia hai. He has at persent the most crappiest yet entertaing job of taking crank calls. Most of them are weird people calling for 'girls jeans kyun pehenti hein, to college admissions.. blah blah blah' Still he is patient. Hats off.

Amit- 'Mr. Bhola' Very very easily bullied. He is almost scared of me and Shweta. Philosophical and hard working. He gells well with the photocopy guys. And they say he has a thing for 'guys'. Poor kid is almost office 'bakra'. But thats what makes him special because the smile does nt fade. Amitji!!

Vipin ji- 'Vivah hanji'.. he is also the good kind. Shares food. Concerned about others. The USP will be that he entertains us with Maithili songs and Vivah movie dialogues. mein prarthna kerungi

Abid- 'Goodheart'. he seems a quiet little peaceful creature in office. Who warns people from tripping on the laptop wires. But, actually comes across as a very neat, good kind of a person. Goodness toh jaise chehre se tapakti hai. :)

Yulia- "Colourful" Ohh I know her. She loves colours and also wears good clothes. :) I know her lot it seems.

Hannah- The first conversation I have had as of now is regarding their food misadventures with coloured tasteless rice. Now, I know her, she is studying International relations. And I seriously think the girl is very very polite. There is something about her eyes as well, they just show everything.. like that day she was feeling miserable because of the seven hours sitting on floor and a bad working day. She wasn't trying to show it off, but her moist doe like eyes said it.. Just an anecdote somehow touched me....

Dennis the menace- 'Rajasthan lover' Hmm. He certainly is not a 'menace' around here. I am enough to handle that department. But they say he is the most 'tech savvy' person around. He talks to me only when he has some travel plans or when he has to know about some travel or food relating things. But, he seems a nice guy. Has a 'naughty' spark in his eyes. Which makes him look as if he is upto something.

Mehtab- 'Mr. fix it' He is solution to all our problems. Food supplies, water supplies, chai, pani and so on.. Aap boliye aur hazir. We survive because of Mr. Mehtab's constant supplies with etertnal smiling face. Thank you.

Jha ji- He is the most senior person with most experince around. My super duper fellow as I love listening to his 'anecdotes' from past. A very very very cooperating and concrned person.

Ram Ji- A person with his fetish for 'rice'. He 'guides' the interns and promises in every meeting that he will send 400 letters from tommorow. But sadly, tommorow never comes. :P... He also tells every one to attach this 'shit' with their work. :) Jokes apart, a really sincere person. Shweta, as every one says is his best friend :)

Sneha Shreyasi Srivastav- 'Sneha Secret Service' The name speaks for herself.. Bilkul hila deney wala naam hai. her song collection is as good as mine. A very very beautiful smile and she loves Shahid Kapur. we have a knack for irritating people at work. And she is really good with her observing skills so, people at office beware, stay away from facebooking, orkutting or chirkutting. Sneha is on the prowl. Detective Sneha-ha ha ha.. :D

Chhavi- Sadly, she left before I could know her. yeah yeah she got to know that I am around and all. So, se got scared and ran away. Seemed a nice girl. Afterall she distributed gold coins when she left. But, later I got to know it was a choclate in a disguise.huh..;) Anyhow the girl was a naught little creature like myself.

Chander bhaiya- "Money Bhai" He handles all the incoming and outgoing finances in the office. Recently treated us with great pasteries as he celebrated his anniversary. A very amiable person, though his job woulld have made any guy seem rude. Because, after all money matters are really intense ans sensitive issues. A jovial nature and a face with a 24*7 smile. Perfect combo!

Ok I might have missed someone. No offence meant. But, I will update the list. Have to submit a few stories and work for new ones.. Tata every one.. Hope all is well with you guys. will soon write something, once i read something. C u Later Aligator

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