Baby are you from another Planet?

This cheesey song is a product of an ovedose of romantic comedies. Written a month ago, I think. Initially I decided not to put it on public display. But I think any thing is not too ridiculous when it comes to riddhi!!
Another Riddhiculous Post. Enjoy.. Yeah yeah Laugh if u wish.

Baby, are you from another planet?

It’s weird, the way you make me feel
It feels like a movie reel
It is just too good to be true
Why can’t you give me a reason to argue?
You say, “Hope it lasts, the love we beget”
Baby, are you from another planet?

No fancy looks, no fancy name
You are extraordinary, me just a simple dame
Too much of sweetness makes me feel strange
Didn’t you say I don’t have to change?
You say, “Just cherish every moment”
Baby, are you from another planet?

Look, what have you done to me
Holding hands, roses, this can’t be me
I mean, these are things I completely abhor
Does it need be more?
You say, “Don’t spoil it, it is perfect”
Baby, are you from another planet?

I am loud, I babble, do crazy stuff
Rotten humour, too much of myself
You simply don’t like it, really don’t approve
Do you want something better to reproof?
You say, “We were never meant to be met”
Baby, are you from another planet?

For the first time though, you understand
As I willingly accept not reprimand
Last day together, I am loving it, at last
Won’t this make a fascinating past?
You say, “Honestly, let us celebrate”
Baby, are you from another planet?

You don’t understand words, don’t you get the signs
Very next morning you find reasons to join
God, I talk so much, wish I also had a ‘voice’
Don’t I have a choice?
You say, “Men are from mars and...”
Hush... I knew it, depart to your damn planet!

I wanted someone different, not aliens, to confess
It took me 30 lines to express,
To express “it is tough”

While, you are stuck on your six odd lines of love
By the way, even they are not yours
I gave them words
Find a new planet, go ruin others’ verse.