Sachin-Jai Ho, When cricket is musical.

IPL 2008 ended in this fashion.

On the closing ceremony, Shane Warne summed up his memories from India in this fashion:

Warne: "My memories are of young Swapnil [Asnodkar] walking out there, the young guy, to take on the rest of the world. Young [Ravindra] Jadeja, Yusuf Pathan coming of age, just watching him execute his skills has been amazing.

IPL 2009 has begun in this fashion-

April 28, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jaisurya played in complete harmony which made cricket feel like music. Their fusion, jugalbandi, of classic shots was a sheer brilliance to watch. My favourite shot was when Sachin flicked the ball, with a little toss of his wrist to the boundary, with the smoothness of plucking a guitar string, it was melodius. Kindly forgive me with the technichal knowledge of either of the arts but both are enjoyable despite my ignorance. Perhaps, Ignorance is bliss.

Yes, that is what, they made it look like an art. Cricket as an artistic expression, they blended and created, and transcended us to the sublimic state that is achieved by the stupour which often Music is considered capable of. It was at the same time the feat of the youth and exuberance of A.R.Rehman's instrumentals. The rhythm, the pace that could give any percussionist a tough time.

The ease with which they played should be enough to mute the critics who advocate no country for old men theory. Never too old for the game. They played as if it was the easiest thing to do and the playfulness of the act culminated with the alternate sixes they bestowed on the Mendis’ magic. I loved to see them play in this fashion and I am sure all of us did.

Later, Jaisurya could not stop raving about Sachin’s game and Sachin voiced, “With Sanath, everything is instinctive”.

Though I am missing on my favourites in Rajasthan Royals but Sachin himself is enough to sin against my own side. I am caught in the psychomachia of where I belong and where I should belong. I guess Lucifer has no role to play because, I am willingly selling my soul to the latter. There is no one from Rajasthan to claim its royalty anyway. Can’t I have two favourites. Who decides?

Oye sachin sachin oye!! Nothing beats like cricket.

And for all the sachin followers here is what you must read. Mr.S found it. re-discovered it. Must read.

And yes I love Vodafone Zoozoos. Please get me one. Please.. Can I have one?

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