Kuch yahan wahan ki gupshup..

Its been quite a while since I did some "idhar-udhar" ki baatein. General life stuff.. After all vacations hein.. garmiyon ki chhutiyaan. aah...
Ice creams.. Shikanji-nimbu pani... lemon soda... Mangoes... and of course RAINS....

BREAKING NEWS- NADAL LOST.. :) I never felt better. I am so happy.. super duper. I never wanted him to win this one.. I want Fed to win.. Bjorn Borg is sacred and I hope nobody ever breaks his winning spree record..

I being India TV fan follower came up with reasons for Nadal's loss. The most acceptable and obvious reason seems to be the "attire". What on earth is that saand-the bull wearing? Pink.. not just pink it is Jhintak- chakmak- satin pink.. eeewwww.. and add to it his fluorescent yellow wrist band and head band.. aah beauty... soney per suhaga..

Yes, I am biased but I am happy that the sweating bull in a tight Capri lost to Mr.Sondrenil's excellent game. Aah life is beautiful. Ok he is a good player and all. But, it is my blog, so my shit. He has to take it. :)

Oh and as always I showed new signs of a complete bizarre case of trying to be of some help for my mother. My elder sister and mother have this really cool instinct with putting 2 things together and coming up with theories. Ok I will explain how they do it. It works on their super fadoo-rocking- observation skills. They sneak a peek on the things around them. By the end of the day both of them would know the neighbourhood without having a word with them.

Like, new neighbours right opposite our place have three daughters and one is married. The mother is really nice and the saas sasur also stay there. The second daughter is dating someone. Blah blah blah.. I am not a party to this because I do not possess these logical putting of relationship angles together into a nice little talk.

I tried my hand at it recently and told my mother a month back that one of my neighbourhood Bhabhi, who already has two little daughters, is expecting. Last week my brother saw that family going in their car with a very little baby with them. He said "look kitna chhota hai" and I said "ho gaya".

He gave me a weird "hulloh" look and I said "The bhabhi was expecting, unhi ka hoga". He did not react but, I rushed inside to prove my observational skills. I told my sister on phone the new piece of information.

Yesterday my mother saw the entire family without a kid. She said "riddhi?? She doesn't even look as if she has had a baby recently. Kuch bhi bolti hai"

I saw the lady again and Mum was right, but I think, she should do something about her belly. And stop misleading people like me with such "good news" .. yeah laugh it off and yes I am bad at it and thus, I am good when I am off it.

All others with moral glasses on- who want us to not stare into other people' s homes. I am sorry we can't keep our eyes shut. As long as we are not causing any harm and creating any problems for them with our 'interestedness' (I know it is not a word). Like one of my mami stares a person from top to bottom till the time he/she is conscious enough to see in some other direction. So, there is an art of observing without piercing through the person's life. Like some people have Xray Machines fitted in their eyes. I hate interfering Aunties who ignore their own daughter's kartootein but are willingly keeping a watch on others. In our case it is just a healthy within ourselves gossips. It's just ABIUBKS -Aao Behen Idhar Udhar ki baatein karein syndrome.

Rajasthan is going through tough times. Bikaner and the neighbouring areas are experiencing sweltering heat. Many areas are badly effected by dust storms. In Chhapar around 80 Black Bucks have died because of summer heat, with no Salman Khan to kill them and no courts to give them justice. Hope things change soon. Hope the sun does not shine too often for a few days at least.

Chalo baki sabh badhia? Me toh goods. tip top. u tell kuch yahan wahan ki gupshup.

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