Kaun hai woh?

A woh-begone tale.
How words have a certain meaning; and the moment we interpret one word the other way, things go upside down. Meanings switch and ideas change. We all know a dog is a dog because the moment we utter the words or see them written we have an image in our mind. Yes Semiotics, and Foucault, and Derrida, all the high logic theories are not what I am trying to flaunt. But, words like "that, this, woh, wahan" and many such words, especially in Hindi, can mean anything.
It happens, many a times, that we cannot get the right word and say
“woh kya kehte hein usey?” - “What do you call that thing?”

My mother often talks in this language. She says “wahan se woh pakda de toh” and I will be like “Hello, third person mein nahin samajh mein aata” and she will go “Arrey wohi woh uskey paas” – Wow! great help.

Day before a friend and I had this insane discussion about ‘woh” both of us have our own “woh” in mind. Enjoy an excerpt from it. Within the bracket is the observation drawn later.

(here begins the madness)
D: hmmm
On a serious note
hwz life?
aapke woh kaise hai (serious?)
me: mere woh theek hein
abhi teen aur baaki hein
lolz (I Interpretted the way I wanted)
toh aapke woh
eik nahi
anek hai (Ahem yeah …)
me: 8 the
ab teen bachey hein
15 may ke baad ek bhi nahi rahega
me: fir mein aazad hun
haiiiiii (clueless. What is she talking about?)
firr toh
woh ke liye
fir toh woh ke liye tayyar hun
per woh hai hi nahin
woh ki talash shuru
D: woh nahi (woh-begone ;))
me: arrey woh hi
D: toh firr woh bina kya jeevan hai
me: woh bina hi jeevan hai
D: jaldi karo aur woh karlo
wohi jo sab karte hai
me: woh jo sab karte hein woh mein kyun kerun (Thats the very point. why should i do what the rest do.)
D: ab hum woh karne jaa rahe hai
jo roz sab log karte hai
dinn bhar kaam karen ke baad
me: kabhi kuch alag woh kero
D: firr milte hai
woh toh sochna padega
me: chalo woh fir baad mein kerna
D: wohi toh keh raha hun

A friend herein added what she thought we were doing. she is refered as N. Who just commented that "pagal hai woh".

me: N bas yehi boli “pagal hai Woh
woh kya janey woh kya hai
D: lol
wohi wooo
par woh ladki ko
woh ka matlab nahi pata
chalo firr
woh karne
ka waqt aa gaya
me: ab aap jaaney ka kya lenge
woh nahin hai mere paas
D: woh toh hai
firr milenge
tke woh


Spill, boil, pour, surge, erupt
emerge out of nothing

for sorrow, grief, pain and bliss
deceit, jealousy and anything

Dictionary gave us meaning of words.
Who gave words their meaning?

Each of them mean something.
Is that the only meaning?

If dog was not a dog
Will cat remain a cat?

If sense had meant no sense at all
Will nonsense make some sense?

All I write if meant something
Will you read at all?

Now, considering the last post actually needs an explainatory note on the choice of subject and the story itself.. I thought we all could do with something light. :) hope you enjoy it. Woh subject hi aisa hai