Its been a long long time :)

Yes, exams over and so does my bloggging appetite. I told one of my friends that the more I read, the more necessary it becomes for me to let it out. It is like some divine connection between reading and the idea of writing. Sounds logical though. Anyhow, I am having hell of a time with my new found idleness. I can join the bands of Indian 'idles' now. But i shall soon start reading again.

Books on my menu-

Arvind adiga- The white tiger
Salinger's Franny and Zooney - have reaad this one but do not remember it clearly
PG woodhouse- I am missing jeeves
Ohh yeah Feluda is a definite yes

Ok there are a lot lot more books. But as they say, take one step at a time. Rather i have alredy taken four simultaenously :). I have cousins around at home. so, I am having fun frolicking around. About blogging, the day they leave i will have new anecdotes to share and ofcourse a long long post about my old journey to land of camels has to be documented. I shall post travel write up for that as well.

this one is actually just a reminder that "hello!! i am alive" :)
Though, i am not actually missing on the reading part, yeah commenting bit is aking time. But sooner or later i shall get back. Till then please keep writing. I am just in what mark twain said phase "tank is full".

Here is something one of my professors wrote for me recently. A limerick. Actually I guess we oldies get along well- pretty well :)

Here are the lines I got-

For Riddhi

A different ladder
There was a resolute young lady called Riddhi

Who was very keen to attain full siddhi
Despite the laughter diversions of her colleagues

And other preposterous, bourgeois intrigues;

Said her elder brother, “Oh yes! She is awfully ziddi”

Rupen Guha Majumdar

Thank you Thank you :)