Flowers and me

You came that day
With a face as bright as the sun
The flowers you brought
Do smile bright
They peek outside the window
Dreaming of the dewdrops’ sight
I to your memories cling
Both aspire to different ends
For where our hearts belong

They have shrunken now
They make an effort to smile
While I, fail at that as well
Clouds shroud the sun
Squalor and dull outside
Not a colour to cheer
Nor a thought to care
Both suffer and gaze
For ends we desperately long

Thrown outside, enmeshed in the earth
They met what was their
Should I venture into the dark?
I shall for there is no hope
I step out in the moonless night
A hope flickers, tearing the clouds
It trickles down my cheek
Both breathe the rain drops
Sing our new liberated song