Bhillian in a billion!

Watching chic flicks or romantic comedies, though all are the same in nature, makes a person achieve a state of mind which perhaps in Donne’s sense of the word would be ‘ecstasy’. In perfect stupor I enjoy the swimming blurred happiness and etheral love. whatever this sentence means
But as Vanteline says I should watch some stallon flicks. Infact past 2 days I have been watching Jackie Chan and Stallon. Deadly combo. Medallion and Rambo. Impressed? So am I. what a drift from the kinds of -down to love, bride wars, sydney white.
Ok here is a game. In the hindi context though. I am a big big movie buff and have watched crappiest as well the nicest of them. My favourites actually top with Mr.India. Karte hein hum pyar Mr.India se, humko milna sau baar mr.India se. Shut up.

This reminds me of that once upon a time Karan Johar movie –Kuch Kuch hota hai. Anjali-sharma.. and that irritating kid- papa yeh Anjali Sharma kaun hai.. Jhalli thi meri anjali toh... shit time for my medicine. I can't believe I loved that once upon a time and last week when it was on TV, I just could not stop laughing at some of the idioctic scenes.

Ok the game. It’s simple I have my answers ready. Though, I am not expecting even 10 people to leave comments but still lets stick to ten things. Might be fun for u

Guess your villain contest brought you by – chhado Ji

1) Dr. Dang
2) Shakal
3) Mogambo
4) Crime Master Gogo
5) Lotiya pathan
6) Gendaswami
7) Ghajini ohh wow this one is koyla
8) Advocate Chaddha
9) Teja
10) Kala Bandar It’s still inside us. Everyone has one.
11) Bhiku Mhatre
12) Dagar sahib/ daavar saahab/ dabur: whatever ‘hum’ aaj bhi fenke huye paise nahi uthate Mein uthati hun.
13) Bad Man
14) Taneja
15)Sir Ji
16) Gabbar Singh:
17)Langda Tyagi:

Ohh wow I am so precise, I can count to 10 perfectly well. I toh tell you na at times I am such a joking girl. You are toh don’t talk to me only. Huh loser. What is the harm in trying yaaar...

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