Have you ever counted the number of times this profound expression 'shit' is used by us?
Just imagine how easier it would have been for our ancestors if this 'expression' existed then.
Shit!: for Grief; Sorrow; to show Astonishment; Excitement; Contempt; Hatred; Crap; Irritation...
This four letter word could have made life simpler, especially for literature students.

Saturn on the loss of earth: Hyperion line 95
" O tender spouse of gold Hyperion, Thea, I feel thee ere I see thy face; look up, and let me see our doom in it; ... I am smother'd up, And buried from all godlike exercise... Away from my own bosom: I have left...Thea Search and seest...... Thea Thea where is Saturn" line 135 and so on and so forth....

Thea must have been so confused. Saturn wanted to say "Babe! I am in a deep shit"

Juvenal, Satire 3, Umbricius on his departure from Rome, as he no longer likes the sad state of affairs, expresses his angst for the place -
"... To this endless nightmare of fires and collapsing houses... the wood's aswarm with beggars...endless complaints about city hazards...We are blocked by the crowds ahead, while those behind us tread on our heels..." on and on..

In short: This is a shitty place to live in. I need a break.

Jonathon swift, Tale of a Tub, An Apology,
"If good and ill nature equally operated upon mankind, i might have saved myself the trouble of this apology... "

Shitty people...

Agememnon, Aeschylus:
lines 1136 " Oh fear, and fear again! O pity! Not alone He suffers; with his pain Mingled I mourn my own!... Look see them sit.... a cowardly lion who plots against his master absent at the war; ... She the lioness in human form... she whets the dagger for her husband's heart...." line 1264

All I can say is SHIT!!
If only Cassandra knew a simpler language, or Aeschylus knew some simpler way to express her prophecies, Agememnon could have been saved !!!

Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream
"... As imagination bodies forth The forms of things unknown, the poet's pen Turns them to shapes, and gives to aery nothing A local habitation and name ..."

This is good shit. :)

Ok. My job is done.. I remember we used to have this little joke about 'shit' and the number of languages we can express it in. So all hail to the beauty of this expression and come up with various languages or even in same language (synonyms), give me words , new words for "shit"
I have some to start with:

Hindi: tatti
English: shit, poop, excreta, potty
Kids often say: Chhi chhi
Kannada: Kakka

hehehe ok my vocab is not that bad.. get going people :P

PS: Thank you for going through this Bullshit. It is all said and done in good humour. I am well aware of beauty and soul of the literary language. But exam time, I cannot find better way to vent out my shitty feelings :) Happy Fools day!!